Avram Fefer Quartet nastupa u Bjelovaru

Avram Fefer Quartet nastupa u Bjelovaru
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Avram Fefer

Jazz club Bjelovar organizira 30. lipnja 2012. u 21 sat u atriju Gradskog muzeja koncert Avram Fefer quarteta iz New Yorka. Ulaznice su po 30 kn, na dan koncerta 40. Zainteresirani mogu zvati na mobitel  098 978 9593.

Avram Fefer Saxes, Clarinets
Reut Regev Trombone
Adam Lane Bass
Igal Foni Drums

The Avram Fefer Group features the two-horn front line of Fefer on saxes and Reut Regev on trombone with the powerful rhythm team of Igal Foni on drums and Adam Lane on bass. Four great friends---Foni and Regev are married, Fefer and Foni have been playing together since meeting in Paris in 1992, and all four have been playing together since 1998. They have each established themselves as highly distinctive members of the modern New York jazz scene on their respective instruments and as composers and bandleaders as well. They play together internationally in duos, trios, quartets, and as part of larger ensembles, including the remarkable Adam Lane Full Throttle Orchestra.

The Avram Fefer Group is a modern jazz group with influences from Charles Mingus, Ethiopian jazz, Ornette Coleman, Fela Kuti, and Stanley Turrentine. Their compositions are memorable and infectious, often brimming with improvisation and lyricism. They also feature deep and soulful groove, highlighting the players' individual musicianship and powerful group dynamic. You can tell they're having lots of fun, and so will you!

HYPERLINK "http://www.avramfefer.com" http://www.avramfefer.com






"It's a relatively rare occurrence when an ensemble or individual rises to the top with something to say or a way of saying it that stands definitively apart. To my ears the Avram Fefer Trio belongs in this category." HYPERLINK "http://www.onefinalnote.com/reviews/f/fefer-avram/calling-all-spirits.asp" Derek Taylor (OneFinalNote.com)
"Possessed of an undeniably spiritual feel for the music, Avram Fefer understands the importance of percussion for connecting with the human pulse, as well as the use of horn lines to express what the heart, in all of its complexity, feels." HYPERLINK "http://www.allaboutjazz.com/reviews/r0801_187.htm" Don Williamson (AllAboutJazz.com)
"Fefer is definitely fashioning an unshakable identity." HYPERLINK "http://www.jazzweekly.com/reviews/AFEFER_SHADES.htm" Ken Waxman (JazzWeekly.com)

Avram Fefer is a musical force to be reckoned with. He has led or co-led bands through ten highly regarded albums, and contributed to many more as a sideman. With a distinctive voice on alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones, as well as Bb and bass clarinet, he brings depth, intelligence, and soulfulness to every situation he's in.   These include performances and recordings of straight-ahead and avant-garde jazz, as well as jazz-funk, West-African, modern orchestral music, and free jazz. His latest release, HYPERLINK "http://www.jazzloft.com/p-53907-eliyahu.aspx" Eliyahu (NotTwo Records 2011), brings these varied passions and explorations into a beautiful unity, resulting in perhaps his best album yet.
Eliyahu (NotTwo Records 2011) is his tenth release as a leader and features his trio with long-time collaborators --- bassist  Eric Revis and drummer Chad Taylor. Building on the strength of their previous release, HYPERLINK "http://www.cleanfeed-records.com/disco2US.asp?intID=280" Ritual ( Clean Feed Records 2009), Eliyahu brings their diverse influences together in a powerfully moving way that reinforces the group's status as one of the scene's preeminent sax-bass-drum trios. The compositions are memorable and infectious, yet brimming with improvisation. They feature deep and soulful groove, distinctive individual musicianship and sophisticated group interplay, resulting in an album that is both accessible and rewarding to the listener.
The release of Eliyahu will be celebrated on May 9th, 2011 with a CD Release Show in New York City, followed by tours in Europe (May 25th to June 3rd) and North America ( October 17th to 21st).
Their previous release, HYPERLINK "http://www.cleanfeed-records.com/disco2US.asp?intID=280" Ritual (Clean Feed Records 2009), featured original compositions as well as group improvisations, and received rave reviews:
"The fire ignited by saxophonist Avram Fefer is fresh, yet it sounds as eternal as all things avant in jazz... a stellar example of the trio tradition.
Fefer's varied experience, be it playing hypnotic West African traditional music or electro-acoustic trip-hop, informs his highly developed sense of swing. His coiled phrasing lends these propulsive excursions an infectious, groove-oriented focus." HYPERLINK "http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/review_print.php?id=32949" (Allaboutjazz.com)
"Ear-grabbing work from this killer trio.
...has a sense of groove that's undeniable.... drawn-out, soulful explorations that ring out with a sense of freedom and an inherent swing" 
 HYPERLINK "http://www.dustygroove.com/browse.php?kwfilter=fefer&x=0&y=0&incl_oos=1&incl_cs=1" (Dustygroove.com)
"This is great new jazz. What else is there to say?" 
 HYPERLINK "http://gapplegatemusicreview.blogspot.com/2009/06/avram-fefer-player-you-should-hear.html" (gapplegatemusicreview.blogspot.com)
"Fefer leads a scalding trio on this disc.
There was a raw and palpable sense that the musicians were reaching for something special. All three musicians worked together, supporting each other and combing their talents in pursuit of a common goal." 
 HYPERLINK "http://jazzandblues.blogspot.com/2009/05/avram-fefer-ritual-clean-feed-2009.html" (Jazzandblues.blogspot.com)

Recent and Ongoing
Fefer's first several recordings as a leader were singled out as among the Best of 2001 and Best of 2002 in publications such as Downbeat Magazine, Cadence magazine, the Village Voice, the Chicago Weekly Standard, and JazzPortugal. His debut release, Calling All Spirits, Calling All Poets (Cadence Records 2001) immediately caught the jazz world's attention, garnering accolades from the press and presaging the strong musical presence to follow:
"True surprises in jazz may be rare these days, but the Avram Fefer Trio's ability to upset the status quo seems like a sure thing."
 HYPERLINK "http://www.onefinalnote.com/reviews/f/fefer-avram/calling-all-spirits.asp" Derek Taylor (OneFinalNote.com)
In addition to his trio, he has maintained and nourished several productive long-term musical collaborations:
* His four releases with 75 year old piano legend HYPERLINK "http://www.bobby-few.com/index.html" Bobby Few ( HYPERLINK "http://db.cadencebuilding.com/searchresults/?description_option=contains&description=fefer&title_option=contains&title=&label_option=contains&Label=&price_option=lte&Price=&Number=&BK=BK&CD=CD&CDR=CDR&DVD=DVD&LP=LP&VHS=VHS&new=new&used=used&date_added=any&max_count=50&offset_count=0&sort_order=description&Search=Search" Sanctuary , HYPERLINK "http://db.cadencebuilding.com/searchresults/?description_option=contains&description=fefer&title_option=contains&title=&label_option=contains&Label=&price_option=lte&Price=&Number=&BK=BK&CD=CD&CDR=CDR&DVD=DVD&LP=LP&VHS=VHS&new=new&used=used&date_added=any&max_count=50&offset_count=0&sort_order=description&Search=Search" Kindred Spirits , HYPERLINK "http://db.cadencebuilding.com/searchresults/?description_option=contains&description=fefer&title_option=contains&title=&label_option=contains&Label=&price_option=lte&Price=&Number=&BK=BK&CD=CD&CDR=CDR&DVD=DVD&LP=LP&VHS=VHS&new=new&used=used&date_added=any&max_count=50&offset_count=0&sort_order=description&Search=Search" Heavenly Places , HYPERLINK "http://db.cadencebuilding.com/searchresults/?description_option=contains&description=fefer&title_option=contains&title=&label_option=contains&Label=&price_option=lte&Price=&Number=&BK=BK&CD=CD&CDR=CDR&DVD=DVD&LP=LP&VHS=VHS&new=new&used=used&date_added=any&max_count=50&offset_count=0&sort_order=description&Search=Search" Few and Far Between ) received both critical acclaim and international radio play, leading to several successful tours and a lasting musical partnership. Live and on record, these two consistently reconcile their mastery of the jazz tradition with their embrace of the avant-garde to create performances full of emotional power and musical sophistication.
* He has been a member of the extraordinary quartet of bass phenom HYPERLINK "http://www.michaelbisio.com/" Michael Bisio (bassist of the Matt Shipp Trio) since 2004, recording four highly regarded CD's ( HYPERLINK "http://db.cadencebuilding.com/searchresults/?description_option=contains&description=fefer&title_option=contains&title=&label_option=contains&Label=&price_option=lte&Price=&Number=&BK=BK&CD=CD&CDR=CDR&DVD=DVD&LP=LP&VHS=VHS&new=new&used=used&date_added=any&max_count=50&offset_count=0&sort_order=description&Search=Search" Connections , HYPERLINK "http://www.cimprecords.com/albums/?album=786497570720" \\t "_blank" AM , HYPERLINK "http://www.cimprecords.com/albums/?album=786497570621" \\t "_blank" Circle This , HYPERLINK "http://nottwo.com/PelnaPlyta.php?Id=343&W=0" \\t "_blank" Live at Vision Festival XII ) and delivering powerful performances in the U.S. and abroad, most notably at the Vision Festival XII (in NYC) and the CIMP Festival (in Villach, Austria).
* His inventive musicianship has also been noted and consistently tapped by bassist and composer HYPERLINK "http://freejazz-stef.blogspot.com/2010/09/adam-lanes-full-throttle-orchestra.html" Adam Lane in various forms, from trios and quartets to octets and big bands. Their recent CD's together include Ashcan Rantings (Clean Feed Records) and The Blue Spirit Band (CIMP).
* Greg Tate's HYPERLINK "http://burntsugarindex.com/" Burnt Sugar has employed Avram's creative attributes to astonishing effect on numerous recordings and performances, as well as on several tours in the states and abroad. Recently, he acted and played tenor sax in award-winning director Melvin Van Peebles' theatrical production of Sweet Sweetbacks Baaadaaaas Song. Their performance in Paris can be viewed HYPERLINK "http://liveweb.arte.tv/fr/video/Melvin_Van_Peebles___Sweet_Sweetback_s_Baadasssss_Song/" here.
* Avram's 6-piece psychedelic jazz-funk band, Electric Kool-Aid, has recently been wowing audiences all over Manhattan and will be going into the studio soon to record a much-anticipated debut album. Featuring original compositions and improvisations by some of NYC's most creative groove players, the music has a variety of influences, including Ornette Coleman's Primetime, Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, Moroccan Gnawa music, and Stanley Turrentine.

Avram Fefer was born near San Francisco, but his family then moved to Stockholm (Sweden), Pittsburgh PA, and Washington D.C. before finally settling near Seattle, Washington. After several years in the hands of inspirational high school jazz band director Leo Dodd, Avram went on to receive a liberal arts degree at Harvard University and studied music at Berklee College and New England Conservatory. He then moved to Paris, France (1990-95) where he began his career as a saxophonist, composer, bandleader and teacher.
Paris offered many new sources of inspiration and growth including a vibrant African and Arabic music scene and a wealth of American expatriate musicians. His own bands were featured regularly in many of the city's top jazz clubs and he performed with fellow ex-pats Jack Gregg, Bobby Few, Graham Haynes, Archie Shepp, Kirk Lightsey, Oliver Johnson, John Betsch, Sunny Murray, and Rasul Siddik among others. He played in countries in Europe, Africa and the Mideast and is featured on diverse recordings, including by rap originators, the Last Poets ( HYPERLINK "http://www.avramfefer.com/discography.html" Scatterap/Home ), and with jazz legend Archie Shepp on drummer Steve McCraven's HYPERLINK "http://www.avramfefer.com/discography.html" Song of the Forest Boogeraboo [World McC Music]. He was also one of the founding members and featured soloists of the French 'acid-jazz' group, HYPERLINK "http://www.avramfefer.com/discography.html" Beigels Daisy Toasts, recording two top-selling CD's for Virgin Records in 1994 and 95.
Since moving to New York, Avram has continued to indulge his passion for a wide variety of music while developing a unique sound that crosses genres. He has always loved the sax-bass-drum trio format (as demonstrated on several of his recordings) and continues to use this as one of his primary musical vehicles. The influence of Ornette Coleman and Miles Davis-inspired funk was evident in his band The Tone Poets (featuring the instrumental pyrotechnics of Reggie Washington, Dave Fiuczynski, Jonathan Crayford and Marlon Browden) and, more recently, with his latest project, Electric Kool-Aid. His embrace of trip-hop, jungle, and drum 'n bass was on display in the groups HYPERLINK "http://www.avramfefer.com/discography.html" Squelch and Auto*Dope, both of which featured extensive improvisation, groove, and the unique tape manipulations of Bruce Grant (Huge Voodoo). His love of North and West African music has been drawn upon in a variety of great bands, including those of Cameroonian bassist Francis M'Bappe, ex-Fela drummer Tony Allen, Moroccan singer Abdeljalil Kodssi, balifonist Famoro Diabate, and on the 2004 release, HYPERLINK "http://www.avramfefer.com/discography.html" New Destiny , by the world's only Afro-Hungarian jazz group, Dallam-Dougou.
As a section player and soloist, Fefer has been featured in a number of large ensembles, including Adam Rudolph's Organic Orchestra, the David Murray Big Band, Butch Morris Orchestra, Joseph Bowie Big Band, Mingus Big Band, Frank Lacy's Vibe Tribe, and the Rob Reddy Octet.
His trio with Taylor and Revis on was featured at the Montreal Jazz Festival, while his duo with pianist HYPERLINK "http://www.mindspring.com/%7escala/few.htm" Bobby Few performed at the Free Music Festival in Antwerp, Belgium and at the Burlington Jazz Festival in Vermont. Other past festival performances include the JVC Jazz Festival at Carnegie Hall, the Heineken Jazz Festival, the Verizon Jazz Festival, the Knitting Factory What is Jazz Festival, the Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival, the Williamsburg Jazz Festival, and the Casa del Popolo Festival in Montreal, among others.

Avram has a thriving private teaching practice in downtown Manhattan and has collaborated on projects with dancers, poets, painters, and actors and has also performed and/or composed for theater, television, film and computer-interactive media.

Performances With:

David Murray Big Band, Archie Shepp, Graham Haynes, The Last Poets, Barry Altschul, Sunny Murray, Kelvyn Bell, William Parker, Bobby Few, Fred Hopkins, Saul Williams, ReggieWashington, Butch Morris Orchestra, David Gilmore, David Fiuczynski, Dougie Bowne, Ben Allison, Steve McCraven, Frank Lacy, Jay Clayton, Newman Baker, Horace Parlan, Brandon Ross, Essiet Essiet, Art Sound Orchestra, Alan Silva, Dennis Charles, Matt Wilson, James Hurt, John Betsch, Roy Campbell, JJ Avenal, Cheik Tidiane Seik, Joseph Bowie Big Band, Paulo Fresu, Brise Wassy, Jack Gregg, Alain Jean-Marie, Kaissa Doumbe, Nat Reeves, Jeff Tain Watts, Karl Berger, Kirk Lightsey, Francis M'bappe, Tony Allen, Michael Bisio, Herb Robertson, Steve Swell, Famoro Diabate, Abou Sylla, Abdoulaye Diabate, Mark Helias, Cyril Atef, Vincent Segal.













Adam Lane---Bass

Combining influences from Duke Ellington, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Melt Banana, bassist and composer Adam Lane stretches the terms "jazz" and "chamber Music" beyond convention. His blend of music and performance art takes listeners on a meticulously orchestrated joyride, with horns, strings, electronics, spoken word, and the occasional vacuum cleaner. As a composer he has been recognized by critics world wide as "innovative" (Signal to Noise) and "forward thinking," (Jazziz) and as a player he has contributed to important new recordings by artist such as John Tchicai and Tom Waits.
Lane has a BA in music from Wesleyan University where he studied with Anthony Braxton, and an MFA from CalArts where he studied with Wadada Leo Smith and Daniel Rothman. In 1996 he was awarded a Paternings scholarship for study at the Darmstadt School for New Music. At Darmstadt he attended master classes in composition with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Klaus Huber, Mathias Spahlinger, and studied double bass with Italian virtuoso Stefano Scodanibbio. He is recipient of numerous awards and grants for composition and performance including the 2002 New Langton Arts Bay Area Creative Artist award and the 2000 Julius Hemphill Award for outstanding large ensemble composition.
In April 2000 he was featured on a new recording by free jazz pioneer John Tchicai. JOHN TCHICAI'S INFINTESIMAL FLASH, was released on Buzz records to critical acclaim. Wire magazine reviewed ININTESIMAL FLASH in July 2000 saying, "Lane's work is particularly impressive, spinning dense waves of string-strum around Tchicai's keening lines."
Lane's collaboration with Tchicai continued on his own FO(U)R BEING(S) CD on C.I.M.P. This project includes legendary drummer Barry Altschul, and trumpet virtuoso Paul Smoker and features 6 of Lane's compositions. This record is straight-ahead free jazz, with music developed for maximum collective improvising activity.
In 2011, Adam's double CD --- recorded with a large group, including Fefer, Foni, and Regev -- was released . A review follows:

Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra - Ashcan Rantings (Clean Feed, 2010) *****
Wow, what an album! From the very first notes, you're sucked into jazz history, full of Africa, full of blues, with the interplay and the soloing of the highest level throughout. Adam Lane writes in the liner notes that "this is fun music, designed to uplift the spirit and bring the listener and performer to a more joyful place than they (we) were before", and believe, it more than delivers on that objective. 

The band is Adam Lane on bass, Avram Fefer on alto sax, David Bindman on tenor and soprano sax, Matt Bauder on tenor and baritone sax, Igal Foni on drums, Reut Regev and Tim Vaughn on trombone, Taylor Ho Bynum and Nate Wooley on trumpet.

The themes are compelling, starting with funeral march-like first piece, "Imaginary Portrait", with African influences as on "Marshall", or Ellingtonian as on "Nine Man Morris", but the blues is all-pervasive, with great highlights in the quieter parts, as on the duet between Lane and Nate Wooley in the first piece, or Lane's intro to "Desperate Incantations". Despite the composed parts, the larger part of the music is improvised, over structural and rhythmic cells. Two of the compositions, "Ashcan Rantings", and "Lucia" already figured on Lane's " HYPERLINK "http://freejazz-stef.blogspot.com/2007/04/ken-vandermark-three-reviews.html" Four Corners" CD. 

The solos are wild at times, bringing the music far beyond any concept a big band might have, with sometimes two or three musicians overlapping. giving expansive and expressive power to the already strong drive and pulse. 

Lane himself is in full control of what is happening with his bass underpinning everything without limiting the band. The sound quality of the bass is absolutely exceptional too, with a kind of forefront presence that works really well. 

The great paradox about this magnificent music is like the blues itself : it sounds so sad and melancholic at moment, so sweeping with "weltschmerz", sometimes so full of distress and anger, but the totality is so deeply emotional and full of joy that it's hard to describe. Lane's gut-wrenching and heart-rending intro of the title track says it all. The only piece that is joyful by itself is the last one, "Bright Star Calyspo" (sic), which collapses into wild and rhythmless soloing, before bringing the album to its great finale. 

And it all fits, and there are no weak moments, not in the compositions (some of them, like "Mahler" will stick to your brain for a while), not in the interplay, not in the soloing. And you get your money's worth on top with this double-CD's more than ninety minutes of absolute musical delight. Adam Lane knows and feels and lives music. So far, all of his albums were among my favorites of the year, but this one is superb. 

Man, man, man - this is music I will still listen to with joy in a couple of decades and recommend to my great-grand-children. (They will for once stop listening to the electronic rhythmic bleeps that some new device will integrate directly in the auditory part of their brains, they will for once stop being totally disinterested in the ashcan rantings of their great-grandfather and listen in awe to the great acoustic music of the past). 

Highly recommended. 
 HYPERLINK "http://freejazz-stef.blogspot.com/2010/09/adam-lanes-full-throttle-orchestra.html" http://freejazz-stef.blogspot.com/2010/09/adam-lanes-full-throttle-orchestra.html

Igal Foni---drums

Versatile drummer Igal Foni was born in Israel, spending his teens in Brazil, and his 20's in Paris France. Igal, Who has been residing in NYC since 1996, draws his inspiration from the corners of the world. Throughout the years he worked extensively with Brazilian and African bands, studied Carnatic drumming, and played with many Jazz groups around Europe and the US.

In New York, Igal has played and recorded with many great musicians, including Rasul Siddik, Avram Fefer, Michael Attias, Adam Lane, Luis Lopes, and more recently with Jean Paul Bourelly, Mark Peterson, Burton Greene and Jon Sass. His collaboration with Fefer, Regev, and Lane spans over a decade long, and includes work in Duo, Trio, Quartet and large group formats. The debut recording with his wife, the amazing trombonist Regev ---- "This is R*time"--- has received widespread international acclaim, and resulted in tours of Europe and North America since its release in 2009.They played many prestigious festivals, including the Berlin Jazz Festival, Belgrade Jazz Festival, Strassbourg, Halifax, and the Rudolstadt folk festival.







Reut Regev----Trombone
Born and raised in Israel, Trombonist, composer and bandleader Reut Regev started shaping her impressive reputation on the Jazz scene at a young age. At only five years old she was introduced to the piano, and then added the trombone to her repertoire at age thirteen. While in high school, she had the opportunity to play with some of Israel's most creatively improvisational musicians, as well as perform at Israel's top Jazz Festivals. Reut eventually decided to concentrate on her beloved trombone, and has proven to be a remarkably inspiring innovator. After serving in Israel's army band as first Trombnonist and soloist, Reut made her way to NYC, joining her now husband, drummer Igal Foni.
Reut has been living and creating music in NYC for over a decade, collaborating, recording and touring with some of the finest musicians in various fields, including Latin, Klezmer, Rock, Blues, Jazz, contemporary classical and improvised music. Anthony Braxton, Frank London, Butch Morris, Joe Bataan, Firewater, Elliott Sharp, Dave Douglas, Metropolitan Klezmer, Hazmat Modine and many more have picked Reut as their trombonist of choice for tours, recordings and other projects.
After years of working mostly as a side musician, Reut has finally decided to put her own spin on things. Together with her husband Igal and some of the top musicians in NYC, she has recorded her debut Album HYPERLINK "http://www.reutregev.com/buycd.html" "This is R*time"
All about Jazz calls it "a stunning debut", "Breathtakingly expansive and unabashedly modern", the Jazz Times says "wildly imaginative and virtuosic", "a provocative brew that straddles the heavy metal bebop devide", and the IAJRC - "a knock-out".
Starting in the Fall of 2009 Reut, Igal and R*time began touring extensively, being featured in multiple European and North American Festivals, and receiving HYPERLINK "http://www.reutregev.com/press.html" fantastic reviews and support.
Reut continues to create and her plans for the near future include releases with some of her other projects, including a duo with Igal Foni, and "Brassix", a Brass centric Ensemble, playing compositions originally commissioned by the Festival of New Trumpet music.





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